REEF servo roll feeders are driven by a brushless A.C. servo motor with a user friendly keypad and manual controls mounted on a free standing cabinet. The feeder can be programmed to suit customer requirements. Output signals are available to operate ancillary equipment at any pre-determined position. Rolls are pneumatically loaded and have a venting facility, All rolls are manufactured from EN19T and are induction hardened and ground giving excellent service. For cut to length coil processing lines the feeder is fitted with a REEF catenary roll frame, featuring 2 centering devices. Providing exceptional accuracy of alignment One Of most popular combinations is a REEF Feeder mounted on a common base with either a High Speed Mechanical Shear or a Pneumatic Scrap Shear. These free standing frames can either be used in cut to length lines, or near scrap bins for the chopping of scrap coils or materials.

ModelLoadMotorWidthMaterial ThicknessRoller diamater
RSF/ALight dutyToothed belt150mm-300mm0-3mm60mm
RSF/BMedium dutySpiral bevel reducer300mm-900mm2-4mm80mm
RSF/CMedium dutySpiral bevel reducer300mm-900mm2-4mm80mm
Stagger blanking150mm-600mm0-3mm60mm