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REEF straighteners are mounted on a free standing frame.

We offer two standard variations 11 roll & 9 rolls in varying widths. Both types have 2 pinch rollers. The Pinch rollers are for clamping the material & for feeding it into the straightener. These are clamped by pneumatic cylinders.
The Top straightening rollers are not driven & mounted in a floating cradle.
The Bottom straightening rollers are driven & located in the straightener frame. On the 11 roll models there are back up rollers incorporated to eliminate deflection.
For cut to length coil processing line, a combination catenary/centering device is fitted ensuring exceptional alignment

NameWeightWidthMaterial ThicknessNo. Of Straightening RollsRoller Diameter
STD/ALight Duty150mm-300mm0-3mm760mm
STD/BMedium Duty300mm-900mm2-4mm780mm
STD/CHeavy Duty300mm-1250mm2-8mm7100mm
STD/ABMedium Duty300mm-800mm2-4mm780mm
STD/2-90/9-60Precision Work500mm-900mm2-4mm990mm